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You Tube

Here are some of our favourite clips - Enjoy! We will be adding more each week.



2012 Royal Pigeon Racing Association - 40th Show of the year - Blackpool



Mike Tyson on Pigeon - A Bittersweet Homecoming



Mike Tyson on Pigeon - Street Pigeons vs. Racing Pigeons



Mike Tyson on His Favorite Pigeon



National Geographic - Pigeon Genius

A pigeons thumb-sized brain is capable of remarkable feats of memory and navigation.



ETS traps



Fancy Pigeons



Derby Arona-TENERIFE 2010



Racing Pigeons



Pageant of Pigeons - LA Pigeon Club - Big White Cock



Pigeon Liberation of thousands of pigeons from a ship.



Wholly Rollers are Birmingham Rollers



Pigeon Liberations