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Limerick Tumblers Making History Leipzig Show 2011

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Limerick Tumblers History in the Making at Leipzig Show 2011

Limerick Tumbler Club

2011 was another fantastic year for the Limerick Tumbler Club. After a very successful year obtaining new members into the breed and numerous shows the cherry on the cake was seeing Irish and German bred Limericks on show in Leipzig Germany. The breed was judged and exhibited to a very high standard and a huge thank you must go to the members of the EE for getting the breed this far.

The show was held in the Neue Messe Leipzig on the 2nd to 4th of December. The Irish birds had a very long journey and headed off a week before there owners in order to arrive in time for the judging and this would not of been possible without the help of Richard Greenwood, Mark Rudd and Jim Mullan who looked after our birds along the journey and during penning. We cannot thank you all enough for your efforts. I won't bore you with our travel details but I am sure you can gather a drive from Dublin to Leipzig is not exactly an enjoyable Sunday afternoon outing!!!!! But it was worth every minute of the time and money we spent to be part of a show of this capacity and we are already making plans for next year.

It was also the first time the Limerick Tumbler was judged by the point's system and this was a really a great way for us to get positive feed back on each and every bird.

Please enjoy our photos.

Kevin Kelly

Limerick Tumbler Club.

Results of Limerick Tumblers in Leipzig 2011 Judge Mr Jean Louis Frindel

YC Black Points
ZG Barbeito 92g
Kevin Kelly 94Z
YH Qualmond Kevin Kelly 96 hv EB
John Fitzgerald 95 sg Z

YH Blue Bar & Chequer
John Fitzgerald 93 sg
G Jurgen 92 g
G Jurgen 93 g
ZG Barbeito 92 g G Jurgen 91
F Wohlgemuth 92g
B Matthias 93 sg
F Wohlgemuth 93 g

YC Blue Bar & Chequer
G Jurgen 94 sg
F Wohlgemuth 90 b
M Bauer 93 sg
F Wohlgemuth 90 b
B Matthias 93 sg

YH Almond
Kevin Kelly 94 sg Z
M Wolfgang leer
John Fitzgerald 92 g
M Wolfgang 91

YC Almond
John Fitzgerald 93 sg Z
John Fitzgerald 94
Z Barbeito 93 sg
AH Black Kevin Kelly 93 sg
Z Barbeito 91
Z Barbeito 92 g

YC AOC Kevin Kelly 95 sg E
G Jurgen 92 g
F Wohlgemuth 90 b
B Matthias 93 sg
M Wolfgang leer

John Fitzgerald 94 sg
Kevin Kelly 91
Z Barbeito 92
John Fitzgerald 92
J Grambitter 93 g