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The Limerick Tumbler Club Show 29th October 2011

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The Limerick Tumbler Club Show at the The Irish Flying & Fancy Pigeon Society Kilmurry Lodge Hotel, Limerick 29th October 2011

The Limerick Tumbler Club held itís annual club show within the The Irish Flying & Fancy Pigeon Society annual championship show at the Kilmurry Lodge Hotel, Limerick, Ireland, on the 29th October 2011. Eighty quality Limericks were entered, from Ireland and England. The cream of the crop were on display, there was not one bad typed pigeon amongst them. Any serious Limerick Tumbler breeder should take the time and travel to this show, to either view or compete against the birds here.

This year, we decided to split the birds into colour classes to enable more birds to compete for the top honours. Previous years we have had up to 25 birds in one class, so splitting into colours seemed a fairer option. The birds were split into Any Colour Chequer or Bar, Any Colour self, and Any Other Colour. Jamie Vaughan, who had travelled from Wales, had the difficult task of sorting through the birds, with Karen (Mum) his able steward, he did a grand job and in very good time too. Well done and thanks Jamie and Karen.

The results are as follows:

Self Adult Cock 3: 1 and Best Self: Richard Bunn; 2 Kevin Kelly, 3 John Fitzgerald

Self Adult Hen 5: 1 Dominic Byrne, 2 Richard Bunn, 3 John Fitzgerald

Self 2011 Cock 5: 1 Richard Bunn, 2 Jo Taylor, 3 Kevin Kelly

Self 2011 Hen 7: 1 Michael McMahon, 2 Jo Taylor, 3 Richard Bunn

AOC Bar or Ch Ad Cock 5: 1 Jo Taylor, 2 John Fitzgerald, 3 Dominic Byrne

AOC Bar or Ch Ad Hen 7: 1, Best Bar or Ch Jo Taylor, 2 Dominic Byrne, 3 Jo Taylor

AOC Bar or Ch YG Cock3: 1 & 2 Dominic Byrne, 3 Jo Taylor

AOC Bar or Ch YG Hen 7: 1 Dominic Byrne, 2 John Fitzgerald, 3 Kevin Kelly

AOC Adult Cock 10: 1 & Best AOC Jo Taylor, 2 Dominic Byrne, Jacqueline Morrisey

AOC Adult Hen 12: 1 Kevin Kelly, 2 Jo Taylor, 3 John Fitzgerald

AOC 2011 Cock 9: 1 Kevin Kelly, 2 Jo taylor, 3 Dominc Byrne

AOC 2011 Hen 6: 1 Jo Taylor, 2 Kevin Kelly, 3 Dominic Byrne

Best Self: Richard Bunn with a recessive red Adult cock

Best Bar or chequer: Jo Taylor with a dun chequer adult hen

Best Any other Colour: Jo Taylor with a spread ash red adult cock

Best Limerick Tumbler: Jo Taylor adult dun chequer hen

Congratulations to all of the winners, and a very big thank you to everyone who supported the show by entering their beautiful limerick Tumblers.

Jo taylor

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