INFPA Official National Young Bird Show 2011

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On the 30th of July the INFPA held its first Official National Young Bird Show.

As this was a bank holiday weekend numbers were a little disappointing with some members pulling out at the last minute but we still raised 670.00 euro and a great weekend was had by all. It was also nice to catch up with our members at the AGM.

Firstly I would like to thank a couple of people for helping run a successful show. Darrin Ring who kindly donated his time and also paid for the rosettes. John Fitzgerald also sponsored the magnificent Best In Show perpetual Irish Crystal Cup and the Perpetual Sliver Salver for Best Limerick Tumbler in Show which I had the pleasure of winning and will be very reluctant to hand it over next year John!.

Also I would like to thank Owen Fitzgerald from out junior club who took all the photos on the day and Mr & Mrs Brendan Tobin as they looked after the show pens and setting up the Prize Table.

Our Judges on the day were Bruce Pullen form England who really did a fabulous job especially with the huge AOV class. I also had the pleasure of Bruce's company for breakfast on Sunday morning and he was very complimentary about the quality of Irish young birds exhibited. Richard Bunn and Dom Byrne took care of the Irish Flying Tumbler classes and these two very experienced fanciers gave me a huge insight to judging this breed and judging in general while I was stewarding for them. And lastly a thank you to all our sponsors who donated some really nice prizes for the best of breeds and Tara Slevin Group who put up 100.00Euro cash for Best in Show.

As I previously mentioned the AOV class was very large I would like to thank all the exhibitors as I know that it's extremely difficult as there was some exceptional birds which went home without any awards, however Best in show and judges special both emerged from this class. Some of the breeds that were in great show condition given the time of year were the (Show Racers, Lahore's, American Flying flights, Felegyhazers, ELFCL'S and the Capuchines).

The Indian Fantails were also looking great especially when the sunshine came out and Darrin Rings whole team took all the honours and from speaking with Darrin from time to time the amount of effort he puts into his show team really does pay off and I have included some Photos for your enjoyment of his Indian Fantails. Thank you to all our members and we are already looking forward to next year.

Kevin Kelly.

Irish National Fancy Pigeon Association Young Bird National Show Overall Results INFPA Cert's On Offer 30th July 2011.

AOV Class Young Cocks
1st Old Dutch Capuchine Seamus Barrett
2nd Show Roller Ken Clay
3rd Felegyhazer Ken Clay

AOV Class Young Hens
1st Feleghazer Ken Clay
2nd Hungarian Giant House Pigeon Kevin Mulcaire
3rd American Flying Flight Owen Fitzgerald

AOV Best & INFPA Cert went to the Old Dutch Capuchine Breed by S Barrett.
Limerick Tumblers Young Cocks
1st Kevin Kelly
2nd Dom Byrne
3rd John Fitzgerald

Limerick Tumblers Young Hens
1st Kevin Kelly
2nd John Fitzgerald
3rd Dom Byrne

Limerick Tumbler Best of Breed & INFPA Cert Young Black Cock K Kelly

Old German Owls Young Cocks
1st Darrin Ring
2nd Kevin Kelly
3rd Trevor Brazil

Old German Owls Young Hens
1st Darrin Ring
2nd Trevor Brazil
3rd Kevin Kelly

Old German Owl Best of Breed & INFPA Cert Young Hen D Ring

Fantails Indian & Garden
Garden Fantails Young Cocks
1st Mr & Mrs Brendan Tobin
2nd Mr & Mrs Brendan Tobin

Indian Fantails Young Cocks
1st Darrin Ring
2nd Darrin Ring
3rd Darrin Ring

Indian Fantails Young Hens
1st Darrin Ring
2nd Darrin Ring
3rd Darrin Ring
Indian Fantail Best of Breed & INFPA Cert Young Cock D Ring

The Irish Flying Tumbler Young Cocks
1st Anthony Robinson
2nd Declan Mcglynn
3rd John O'brien

The Irish Flying Tumbler Young Hens
1st Anthony Robinson
2nd Anthony Robinson
3rd John O'brien

The Irish Flying Tumbler Best of Breed & INFPA Cert A Robinson

Judges Special to be chosen from the AOV Class Judged by Richard Bunn
Pen Number 151 Young Archangel Hen Seamus Barrett

Best in Show & Best AOV Old Dutch Capuchine S Barrett
Reserved Best in Show & Best Indian Fantail D Ring
Best Old German Owl D Ring
Best Limerick Tumbler K Kelly
Best Irish Flying Tumbler A Robinson
Judges Special Archangel S Barrett and
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